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Today, technology is possibly the most sought after ingredient in our diets! The world’s food and agriculture industries have shown rapidly growing investment in FoodTech innovation projects that work to transform the agri-food industry to support healthier and more sustainable food habits. 

Learn how food tech uses state-of-the-art technologies to revolutionise the food industry into a more modern, sustainable and efficient sector across all its stages from food preparation, to distribution to consumption!
Food from across the world is available to consumers today, regardless of the season, location, or environment. However, the greater options and accessibility are accompanied by increasing complexity in the food supply chain.

With growing data and lengthening ecosystems within the industry, the importance of trust weighs heavier than ever before. From the farmer, processor, retailer, to the consumer, the blockchain solution today helps us ensure that transparency enables the expanding food system.

Paul Chang, Global Blockchain Distribution and Industrial Markets Leader from IBM, is sharing with us about Food Trust, the winner of 2019 Spark Galleries Platinum Award for Digital Design and 2019 Financial Times Intelligent Business 2019, and also a solution selected in Fortune’s 2019 Change the World list.

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The bottomline of agriculture is to produce enough to feed the world. The ability to produce the optimum crop, consistently and sustainably, is increasingly in demand as we witness pressures on supply chains and food security locally and globally.

In this keynote, David Farquhar – CEO from IGS, will share the knowledge on ‘Agriculture 4.0’. He will illustrate how complete control over all growing parameters in an indoor environment can deliver optimum crops every time and help drive a future sustainable supply chain.
In recent years, various kinds of food alternatives have been emerging as health-related trends have kept drawing attention from all generations of people around the world. Plant-based and Cell-based food, for instance, are among the most eye-catching ones.  The big question is, whether they are just a fashion that will eventually fade away, or a long-lasting, sustainable solution that will become our common way of living in the future.

Andrew Ive, Founder & Managing General Partner of Big Idea Ventures, is going to give you the insights of Plant-based and Cell-based food, including what they are and their influence on the business world. 

Especially for entrepreneurs, Andrew will guide you through the impact of Plant-based and Cell-based food on the Asia, regional and global market. And also how global food companies are responding to this new opportunity? More insight for what is Big Idea Ventures doing to support the food company industry on this plant-based trend.
Our ability to produce food, fibre and other biologically based products has evolved consistently since the start of recorded history, however the industry has been slower than other sectors of the global economy to adopt widely used digital technologies. Before COVID-19 transformed the everyday for much of the world’s population, the pressing challenges of meeting the growing demand for food while utilising less of the planet’s natural resources had initiated a transformation in the way products are grown, processed, distributed and eaten, or the Global Agrarian Revolution. The way that the pandemic has reconnected people with food will accelerate this transition. 

In this talk, Ian will assess key trends in the transformation of agri-food supply chains and through the use of examples of innovation in other sectors of the economy provide perspectives on what the future of food and fibre production may be in a tech enabled world that is learning to adapt to COVID-19.
Session - - 0.0 mins -
Calling all startup-enthusiasts! Whether your startup is merely an idea or in its growing stages, this session offers you an exclusive opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and network with VCs. Along with gaining insight from startup experts, this is a truly unmissable experience for the upcoming entrepreneur. 
Let’s crack the investment perspectives from one of the most talented venture capitalists. Tim Draper, the Founding Partner of Draper Associates, will discuss with Techsauce media about the investment overview, his advice to entrepreneurs in his stellar portfolio, and the effects from the Covid-19.
Another highlight point discussed in this session is about the future trend especially blockchain and crypto related information. We will discover his current attitude towards these matters as a proponent of Bitcoin and decentralization such as his belief on Bitcoin and decentralization, blockchain adoption for lay people, and the blue ocean opportunities he currently sees.

Last but not least, Asia market is undeniably a prominent market appealing to many people. Draper will let us know his thoughts on this market: the reasons he has invested in Tribe Theory, impressions on entrepreneurs in this region, and recommendation for other investors who are interested in this market. Lastly, what is the one last thing he would regret if he has not done in his life journey?
Taiwan’s Innovation Capability is 1st in Asia and 4th in the whole world. There are over 9000+ startups in Taiwan, an estimated value of over 2.4 billion USD, and top talent and resources in manufacturing, robotics and the AI industry. Dr. Chen Yu Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Taiwan Startup Terrace will share how international startups can be supported by Taiwan's rich innovative resources. Why Taiwan is the perfect place for startups to flourish and thrive.
Could starting a company be an opportunity during this pandemic crisis? It is surely a challenging time. However, right now a lot of entrepreneurship is really booming; being creative and willingly to take risks to accelerate their business revenue through the crisis.
Justin Kan, Co-founder of, will give away the tips that entrepreneurs should put into their practices. How to handle challenges for startups along with great techniques for fundraising strategies during this difficult time. With his extensive experience as an entrepreneur, the audience will gain the insight of his visions toward the future business trends.
How startups and CVC work together through crisis? The pandemic is beyond anyone’s expectation. On a basis of ‘now or never’, it requires startups and CVC to re-evaluate and prioritize what matters to survive and sustain going forward. Based on the true story from Eventpop and InVent, this is a great example to show how to rescue your business amid crisis. This is work in progress for building resilience.
Many startups who have survived and remain their business from recent pandemic, we can only say you have done an amazing job. However, until the COVID-19 is over, it is only halfway to finish the line.  There is a lot more to be done and FOCUSED in order to survive and enter Post-COVID era as the champion.  

In this session, Patrick Lee, Co-Founder of Rotten Tomatoes, will share his crisis-proofed experience and take you over WHAT to focus, WHY it is important to focus, and HOW to focus so that your startups will be at least a finisher of this toughest race.
How Japanese government support foreign companies in Japan? Which sector is attractive in Japan? Let’s explore the opportunities together. JETRO is a Japanese Government-related organization that works to promote Mutual Trade and Investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Right now, there are huge business opportunities in Japan for global startups to solve various problems and respond with the new normal society, in areas such as work style reform, medical care and so on. It is time to re-look and find challenges in Japan. 
Session - - 0.0 mins -
"Like the startups they fund and the industries they disrupt, the venture capital industry needs to constantly evolve, pivot, innovate, and adapt if it is to stay relevant in a fast-changing world. The Venture Capital sessions address issues that are not just top-of-mind for venture capitalists today, but also those under-the-radar issues that may potentially become VC industry drivers and disruptors in the years to come. Join us to learn those issues, trends, and problems that impact the venture capital industry, and by extension, startup and innovation ecosystems as a whole.”
ESG and impact investing are on the rise and have no doubt been accelerated by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. But much of the conversation has circled public markets. What does all this mean for the private markets - venture capital in particular? Are ESG practices and an eye on su\tainability good-to-haves, or urgent imperatives for early stage companies? Do we expect ESG and impact to shape the way we pick winners, allocate capital, and run companies? If so, when should we plan to take action, and how?
Join us as we explore these questions with three experienced industry insiders operating at the intersection of venture capital and impact:

Daniel Bertoli, Venture Partner, Quona Capital
David Galipeau, Founding Partner at SDGx
Jennifer Xu, US Head of Development at Epic Foundation

The conversation will be moderated by Jaclyn Seow, Head of ESG & Impact at Openspace Ventures.
As technologists, futurists, and investors, venture capitalists caution old school industries that in the face of disruption, they must adapt or die. But what forces threaten the venture capital industry itself, and what can we do as VCs to adapt? It is a common narrative that industries, economies and even societies face disruption from technologies such as A.I., blockchain, and 5G, but are forces such as racial unrest and Black Lives Matter, gender equality and Me Too, and climate change and environmental activism any less disruptive to those same industries, economies and societies? And how might they impact the world of venture capital? What other under-the-radar trends also present threats to the startup and venture capital industries, yet also potentially offer incredible opportunities? 

Join this fireside chat between moderator and former corporate VC Paul Ark, and 500 Startup alumna, Cake Ventures founder, and Techsauce Global Summit highlight speaker Monique Woodard as they explore the VC’s “ticking time bombs/hidden treasure”.
Understanding the post-COVID startup investment landscape requires an understanding of the seed and angel investment landscape during the pandemic. After all, what gets funded now sets the stage for the available growth stage pipeline in the coming years. For Techsauce Global Summit’s Venture Capital Keynote, Bill Morrow, founder of AngelsDen (Europe's largest angel investment network) and who sees over 120 business plans a day, shares a holistic snapshot of the over 120 business plans he sees daily to extrapolate upstream the deals today that will drive the downstream pipeline of venture capital deals tomorrow.
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition