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Session - - 0.0 mins -
An all time favourite for all our attendees! We present to you an immersive live experience with AR/VR, alongside a chance to gain expert knowledge in the world of content creation in music, film and media industries. Not only that, we introduce you to the competitive world of E-sports and offer exclusive insight into how the digital and tech world has driven the rapid growth of this industry.

Techsauce has exclusively prepared this content for you to delve into the artistic side of technology! Join this session for a chance to experience this first-hand!
From its incredibly energetic and dynamic economy to its rich world-class arts and media productions; South Korea has become one of the most highly developed in the world. If we look at South Korea today, it is impossible to deny that its entertainment sector has grown stronger than ever before. South Korean has managed to influence the trend of world’s pop culture by its unique way of implementing soft power strategy in the international sphere.
There are definitely key factors that contributed to the success of South Korean entertainment such as films and TV dramas. Thomas Kim, a Co-founded of Kross Pictures, will venture us through all ingratiates that have enabled South Korea to spread its influence on a global scale.
In an incredibly short time, eSports has grown from a small community, confined just for a niche group of consumers, into a well-established part of life and mainstream entertainment for today’s consumers especially the younger generations. Gaming and eSports world is getting bigger. The challenge is how can businesses and marketers attract and engage with this massive group of gamers and eSports audiences.
Gaming Industry has been booming exponentially in the past decade. In Southeast Asia (SEA), there is certainly a link between the increasing popularity of eSports and the revenue that the region can generate through this flourished industry. 

The growth of the eSports industry itself also attracts a number of investors to invest in SEA – spurring job creation and further stimulate the economy of the region as a whole.
Through this talk by Michael Lints, we will learn about eSport economics. He will explain thoroughly what is the eSports ecosystem and its trends in SEA. The investment opportunities in eSports will be explored in his talk as well.
Session - - 0.0 mins -
If the pandemic has taught businesses anything, it is necessary to create a culture of innovation in the digital era. Our speakers emphasise the role of innovation in driving organisations towards success in the face of adversity, and outline the strategies and steps they’ll be taking to overcome this chapter. Learn from experts Laurence Smith and Bill Burnett on how embarking on a journey of cultural transformation can really be the key to this crisis!
2020 has seen a perfect storm of accelerated creative destruction - what are the secrets of those leaders and organisations that are using this as an opportunity to accelerate their own transformation and business growth?

- How do you drive creativity, innovation and engagement no matter where your people are working?
- How do you engage & leverage the collective intelligence of not just your employees but your entire virtual ecosystem to solve customer problems and design new solutions?
- How do you accelerate the digital mindset of your own team and organisation to better operate in this new Digital World?
- How will organisations operate differently in 2021 and what do you need to prepare?

Previously Managing Director & Group Head of Learning & Talent Development at DBS Bank, Laurence Smith is a lifelong Transformation Explorer and author of the recent global #1 bestselling 'Transformation Mindset - 10 Things Leaders should be doing today to turn Crisis into Opportunity.'

In this session he will share how the world's most agile and adaptable leaders and organisations are accelerating growth, innovation, solution development, and transformation by implementing 10 simple ideas that any leader can adopt and deploy today.

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A great desire to integrate entrepreneur spirit to the community work's results in social entrepreneurship that benefits the community on a much larger scale. Social entrepreneurs, in the agriculture sector, now focus beyond just securing financial and business growths. Companies are actively looking into the long-term momentum of business sustainable model by integrating knowledge sharing and empowering community capacity building.
Focuses on biodiversity and sustainable agriculture, Lee Ayu Chuepa, the owner of AKHA AMA COFFEE, will share his thorough knowledge on the social business model blueprint applied to his own birth village. As a social entrepreneur, we will also hear his how-to on encouraging the farmers to participate themselves as the main stakeholders in the market.
Uncertainty is here to say; Business Resiliency is Essential.  2020 has seen significant disruptions to the way businesses run their day-to-day operations, leading to the creation of unique new challenges. One thing we have learnt from businesses who crossed the resilience chasm, is they often emerged far stronger –by embracing change not just once, but again and again.  Lego, Apple, Disney, and Amazon all have previously used setbacks as lessons for innovation, reinvention and disruption.
Year 2020 has been a turbulent year; we witness tremendous disruption occur in both organization and individual levels. The truth is those who can adapt will survive the disruption. How do we build more resilience in battling the wicked world?
“Evolving Stronger” session presented by Bill Burnett will expose us to ways we can adapt ourselves and utilize the situation to our advantage. His book, “Designing Your Life” has all that it takes to re-balancing your work life in which he will reveal his secret components in living in this challenging time.
Aaron Day, Canva's Global Partnership Lead discusses the ways in which the exponentially growing design platform has become a worldwide phenomenon. With more than 35 million users from 190 countries who have created over 3 billion designs, learn about Canva's early growth tactics and how every startup can supercharge their growth.
What don’t they teach you at business school?

What is the secret source to making it to the top?

What if what you are doing right now is holding you back from
achieving your career goals?

Best-selling author and Global Authority on Self-leadership, Andrew Bryant, has been coaching leaders for over 20-years and in this keynote presentation will share how you can go from ‘firefighter to fire-chief’ and how to love the spotlight and be the lighthouse to lead yourself and your organization.

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In this 40-minute session, we will:

• Discuss why Strategic Foresight is now becoming a mission critical capability for many organizations
• Define what are the key skills and roles for a Strategic Foresight Team that drive innovation
• Receive a Strategic Foresight Specialist Job Scope to help you on your journey

He will also mention why strategic foresight is a natural precursor to Design Thinking and why Design Thinking needs a better front-end!
Ever get the feeling you’re bombarded with too many pings, dings, and rings? You’re not alone. In an age of ever-increasing distraction, technological and otherwise, how can knowledge workers do their best work?

Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, wrote the book on the secret psychology of technology. However, in this talk, Nir provides the antidote to the current distraction crisis. 

Nir shares the findings of his five years of research into how to master what he calls, "the skill of the century", the power to be "Indistractable". Nir's entertaining, research-backed talk, provides practical advice and memorable strategies for managing distraction in business and life.
Only future-ready leaders will be able to effectively manage emergent grand challenges. These leaders will need to be ‘ambidextrous’. That means they will need to be able to both take risks to explore new opportunities for breakthrough innovations, and also preserve and incrementally develop the systems and structures that will support sustainable growth.

The tension between these competing needs can either tear individuals, teams and organisations apart – or if managed well they can provide the dynamic that fuels sustainable development.

In this session, participants will learn how it is possible to navigate the key paradoxical challenges that can either frustrate or fuel innovation. They learn how to develop a sustainable purpose-driven innovation culture to change the game for purpose-driven innovation.

By exploring their own individual unique Innovation Change Leadership profiles (iCLi), participants learn how leaders can become ‘ambidextrous’ to deal with the complexities and challenges of constant change. They are introduced to the ‘Dynamic Polar Positioning (PoP)’ tool for strategic development.


- Identify the qualities needed for future-ready leadership, including ambidextrous leadership

- Understand the paradox at the core of ‘ambidextrous innovation leadership’

- Identify individual and team strengths and challenges through the Innovation Change Leadership (iCLi) profile

- Negotiate the 4 key innovation culture paradox dimension pairings

- Use the Dynamic Polar Positioning (PoP) tool to create a sustainable strategic plan

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As the world becomes more digitized, less face time is challenging traditional connections. We take a deep-dive into Twitter to explore how Twitter is helping people to connect and stay connected. We look at conversation trends, the power of communities, Mcommerce and consumer behaviour during and after COVID -19,  and what brands can do to leverage Twitter’s powerful audience.
Corporate venturing is full of challenges – case in point, 160 examples of product failures from corporate giants of all time. Resiliency and learning from failure is a crucial part of the innovation process. When innovation smarts and a transformative culture is aligned, some amazing things can happen. 

In this panel, speakers from Thailand and Hong Kong will share real case studies on how their corporations fuel growth through innovation, the rough road they experience and what role culture plays in their competitive advantage.
Today, when digital transformation is a big buzzword, it's not uncommon for corporations to set up innovation functions. However, most had faced difficulties when implementing such initiatives. While some had implemented within the mothership, some had spun out the unit to explore the new frontier. 

SCB 10X was spun out as a new company to build ventures from scratch and grow the team from zero to 30 people with diverse backgrounds. The team aims to launch the product to market at 5X speed compared to banks. For Techsauce Global Summit, Kaweewut Tong Temphuwapat, Head of Venture Builder – SCB 10X, will share his experience building the venture inside the organization, including building process, culture and tools.
Session - - 0.0 mins -
With the rise of Covid-19 came a greater recognition of the potential for technology in the education sector. We have seen a clear role for tech in delivering education to pupils outside of the institution, and educators have tapped into the digital revolution and adopted new technologies to help students reach their full potential. 

Join this session for a rundown of how technology is transforming the classroom and shaping the future of education to prepare children for the post-pandemic era of work!
James Engel, Chief Learning Architect at SEAC, will be discussing 7 ways he believes will transform learning from ‘Sucks’ to ‘Cool’ by using technology at the Techsauce Global Summit 2020. 

James specializes in the learning ecosystem & facilities design, leadership development, and executive team coaching. He is certified as a professional facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators, a certified United Nations facilitator, and an Erickson professional coach. 

Don’t miss your chance to hear from James and learn about how you can transform the traditional learning and training methods to be more fun, engaging, and effective.
This summer Hello Future hosted a virtual summer camp for US teens and Syrian refugee youth. The camp was designed for the youth to meet their peers across the world and learn from one another. By all measures, the camp was a great success. We even made a little short film together. 

What we didn't expect was to see the same developmental challenges from both groups. These teens, in their rush to grow up, have lost their sense of play and imagination. On the surface, it makes sense to trade flights of fancy for facts and logic as we grow older. Except the loss has deep societal implications touching every area of our lives. When these kids lose their sense of imagination, they are unable to dream audacious dreams --- those seemingly impossible dreams that major human achievements are founded on. 

The next generation instead is weighed down and traffic in incremental changes. The times have passed for incremental changes for the future of our collective wellbeing. For us to survive we need to urgently fuel our children's imagination.
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition