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Session - - 1.0 mins -
The pandemic might have set us apart from the physical, hands-on workshop experience, but the learning curve will never be demolished, as we say “Knowledge is endless to learn”. Welcome to our Online Workshop section where you can learn and enjoy 10 sessions from industry-leading speakers all over the world. The theme ranges from Technology, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources to Data, Strategy, Business and Design.
The presentation will introduce novel technologies and innovative services in the Smart Cities  sectors from the US, Europe, Israel, China that are ripe for development in Asean and Thailand.  The workshop will explore several key new consumer digital trends that have  accelerated with the Covid pandemic. These are giving rise, much earlier than anticipated, to ”Smart(er) Cities” services. These are new services that leveraging connected infrastructure and public data (smart meters, public sensors, smart phones metadata from carriers ),  enable new business models in the “as-as-services” category  ( energy storage-as-a -service, EV charging--as-a -service, on-demand warehousing etc..) and the driving force in the phenomenal growth  in China of the “intelligent asset services provider category  (IASP) which has transformed how China adopts, finances and scales new infrastructure  in new energy vehicles (EV), energy storage, property development .
The key takeaways for Corporate & Corporate venture capital teams: learn new business models and new service areas that can help you diversify and create new revenue streams in Smart Cities;
The key takeaways for Entrepreneurs : learn how to leverage asset-light models, external debt financing, to launch much needed new Smart cities services that digitally leapfrog existing, legacy infrastructure.
In a post-COVID world, the static workplace will be a thing of the past. 

In this hands-on workshop, we'll go through how COVID-19 has shifted what we consider ""work"" to be, how digital trends are creating increased expectations, and how this, in combination with Asia's war for talent, drives the need to be much more innovative and employee-centric in creating workplace experiences.
If you’re part of a B2B company and are trying to find better ways to market your business, consider this workshop to learn what and how of B2B marketing deep dive into B2B Tech Stack and marketing Automation.
This ethics workshop is designed to explore the many shades of grey faced by pioneering founders on a daily basis operating across the planet. In this workshop you will walk a mile in the shoes of founders through a cyberattack simulation on their autonomous vehicle company. 

In this workshop you will be faced with 3 key decisions to make 
1) related to data privacy and governance, 
2) related to product safety and reliability, and 
3) related to bribery and corruption.

You will take back to the office new creative and critical thinking approaches to mitigate your reputation risks and align with your ethics in a friction free economy.
Doing good while doing well has become the mantra of sustainable investing. While it is easy to measure whether an investment did well, assessing the good created remains a challenge. Taking research to practice, we provide practical insights that help you to assess the positive change that can be made by investing. Hint: there's good news for startups with impact.
For impact minded investors: join this session to know what you can do to really make a difference. Find out what really gives you real (impact) bang for your buck!
For startups: join this session to understand the mechanisms of sustainable finance & impact investing. Get a new insight that can help leverage your pitch deck.

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There is a long held notion that healthcare's "Iron Triangle"; ACCESS, COST and QUALITY cannot all be simultaneously improved without compromise but this is not necessarily true anymore. With the application of today's digital tech capabilities powering the creation of digital new normal for healthcare delivery, continuous application of data analytics into every aspect of business processes and leveraging the power of AI methodologies - new forms of business partnerships and business models are already being executed is select geographies all over and bringing real-world benefits and outcomes to customers / patients alike.
Fingerprint for Success (F4S) a predictive people analytics and A.I coaching platform that empowers individuals, teams and companies to take their collaboration and productivity to the next level.
In this workshop, learn from Annie Luu, Director of Innovation and Head of Global Partnerships on:
- The key motivations that help startups and scale up expedite their business growth 
- How your own work-style impacts your role in the team and as a leader
- Case studies on companies and individuals on how they use F4S.
Get to know software robot, RPA with UiPath, the fastest growing and leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI software worldwide. We will be sharing the guidance of the right process selection to automate, use cases and a brief demonstration to show you the power of RPA that may apply to your business. INET Managed Services is an authorized partner, providing the services to clients in Thailand and consulting how RPA can apply to business. Chat bot integration with Line, Whatsapp, Google Dialog Flow, etc. are open to make RPA more intelligent and serve the needs of your business and customers.

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Retail was changing before and now, with the current situation, it needs to change again ...and quickly! In this session we will cover the following topics:

- How is technology changing the way we shop?
- What does the future of retail look like?
- How do we design and build for the future, today?

Grab a coffee, pen and pad as we work through how we can really deliver retail innovation!

Drone utilization is increasing rapidly and the Commercial Unmanned Vehicle segment is expected to be worth over $5bn by 2021 with over 800,000 units shipped in the same year. 

However, there are some significant barriers to scaling commercial drone operations;

1. Understanding current capability and the paradigm shift in delivery
2. Demonstrating efficiency and ROI
3. Managing a large and diverse operational fleet

Our session will consider these topics and will provide some insight into developing a focused drone strategy to successfully implement drone operations.
Session - - 0.0 mins -
Within an ever-changing market, change is nothing new for the retail sector. Covid-19 has induced an ongoing shift towards the online shopping experience and E-commerce. In anticipation of what we call ‘The New Normal’, innovative retailers have embraced this new reality and are using digital means to extend their storefronts. 

This session introduces the Trend-Driven Innovation strategy - the innovative secret to consumer insights - and offers exclusive insight into the 4 key trends driving E-commerce in 2020. Together, explore how combining the classic retail experience with digital savvy can help retailers do what’s most important: create the best shopping experience for its customers!
Customers are increasingly impossible to please - their expectations are ever accelerating. Throw Covid-19 into the mix and it becomes very difficult for brands to stay ahead and innovate accordingly. In this session, hear about the 4 key consumer trends impacting retail & e-commerce, including THE METAVERSE (brands engaging in virtual spaces) and BIZ AS SOCIAL (combining commerce, community and creativity). Be inspired by best-in-class innovations and walk away with opportunities for your brand.
Transitioning RS Group from media and entertainment to becoming a full fledged commerce company isn't an easy task. When we started in 2014, what we did was nothing new. For more than 10 years, the same thing has been referred to as ""home shopping,"" - usually in the form of international know-hows partnering with a local player. However instead of following their so called best practices, we crafted our own strategies, experimented and and as a result became a pioneer in many new industry benchmarks.

What you will learn from us:
- How RS Group reacted to technology disruption
- How RS Group transformed from Media & Entertainment business to Commerce business
- Understanding of Entertainmerce, RS Group's unique business model
- RS own ecosystem of commerce
Covid-19 has brought about unprecedented economic challenges, especially for small businesses. However, it also put digitalisation on a fast track, connecting businesses and consumers at a faster pace than ever. What will the digital economy in Southeast Asia look like after the pandemic? How can we use this accelerated digital transformation to power up SMEs recovery? 
Dr. Santitarn Sathirathai, Group Chief Economist and MD Sea Group, will give a talk on ‘Reimagining Economic Recovery with Digitalization’. He will share insights on how digitalisation can empower the underserved and support inclusive economic recovery in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
Session - - 0.0 mins -
Technology has been changing the landscape of the financial sector over many years - now more than ever. The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic created a range of new opportunities for digital financial services (FinTech) to accelerate and enhance trends such as digital lending, financial inclusion, and credit scoring amid the measures demanded by social distancing and containment measures. 

In the era of what we are calling ‘the new normal’, FinTech offers a robust financial service which will represent a lifeline for individuals and enterprises alike. Calling all finance enthusiasts, join this session to learn about how banks are dealing with increased demand, and the strategic steps to take to scale up their infrastructure in preparation for the post-pandemic era.
At the intersection of small business, the rise of a new data environment and an economic crisis, what’s going to matter? Xero’s Chief Product Officer Anna Curzon explains the impact of a more democratised, open, inclusive and digital future and the five transformations that will yield a more capable, sustainable and resilient future for the small business community and the global economy. 

Hear about 4 cross-industries consumer trends impacting Fintech that should be on your radar, packed with exciting case studies to inspire your next innovation. From EMPATHETIC DESIGN (think service to help users get bill extensions during COVID-19 to a bank’s bonus currency to bridge gender pay gap) to GREEN PRESSURE (payment solutions that creatively tackles climate change issues), this session will help you draw actionable insights to aid your next strategy.
The future of the banking system will be invisible. Lives of the consumers will be intertwined seamlessly with any activities banking can offer. Instant access to bank services will eventually come true. Digital transformation will allow the perfect combination of bank and digital applications such emerging virtual banking where customers are no longer needed to visit the banks like the old traditional way for access to services.
In this talk by James Shanahan, Chief Executive Officer of Revolut Singapore, he will venture us into the theme of ‘Building a digital bank in Southeast Asia’ including  each ASEAN market's regulatory environment and uniqueness. Excitedly, we will also get to learn about critical success elements for market expansion, penetration and growth.
From enhancing inclusion and sustainability, to restoring investors’ confidence and building skills for the future, economies are doubling down on what it takes to recover from the global pandemic. Pat Patel from the Monetary Authority of Singapore discusses key global challenges we need to address to help society get back on its feet in 2021.
For much of the past decade, received wisdom has been for startups to achieve hypergrowth by burning through cash, profitability a problem for another day. TransferWise bucks this trend. Not only has the UK-headquartered technology platform built a long term sustainable company that has been profitable for four years, but it has done so at internet speed and scale. Today TransferWise customers can send funds from over 40 countries to 80 countries around the world. Matt Briers, CFO at TransferWise breaks down why and how the company has eschewed conventional “internet” wisdom to scale as rapidly 一 and as profitably 一 as it has.
Once an unbanked region, Southeast Asia has now become home to a vast amount of prominent fintech companies, and has given birth to a legion of giants leading the industry. Among the global burgeoning businesses, fintech in SEA is one of the fastest-growing ones. This is led by various factors, such as the fact that the majority of the region’s population are still unbanked, and their openness and willingness to new technology, resulting in blooming widespread fintech adoption. People’s desire for convenience, mobility, and innovation also contributes significantly to this leapfrog phenomenon in the region. Therefore, it is easily comprehensible that fintech in SEA attracts a huge amount of investors, both local and oversea, as it offers a promising future and a potential assurance in the long run.

But with the arrival of COVID-19, one of the severest pandemic the world has ever seen, a tremendous amount of businesses globally are now facing a stumble. However, fintech, being an exception, is withstanding an impact from the battlefront. As the closing of physical bank branches and more transactions are being done online, fintech is growing stronger than ever. Beacon, as a representative of local startups who have invested overseas, and Quona Capital, an example of global firms with their investment in Thailand, from their respective point of view, will give you their opinions and insights on the fintech investment landscape in the region of Southeast Asia during the crisis. And also, we’ll hear from them what sectors in fintech (payment solution, wealth management, financial inclusion, etc.) should be focused in the upcoming year.
The answer is YES.  At Ngern Tid Lor, we believe customer engagement is a key factor in driving underserved, low-income individuals to gain access to financial services and, more importantly, to use those services effectively.  Ngern Tid Lor and Botnot explain how to build complex and humanized chatbot that enables customers to be “delighted” by a service or a brand, leading to increased conversion at a lower cost.
"Hong Kong is a resilient international financial, trading and commercial centre as well as the unique business bridge between the Mainland and the rest of the world.  The two national development strategies - the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development offer unparalleled business opportunities beneficial to Hong Kong businesses and all the companies from Thailand and elsewhere in the world that work with Hong Kong.
In the presentation by Mr King Leung, Head of Fintech, InvestHK, he will share with you an overview of the key success factors from market sizing to fundraising opportunities to government support schemes which speak for themselves why you can launch your fintech journey in the vibrant fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong.  Let us help you fast track your success in Hong Kong”.

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COVID has accelerated the trends in Digital adoption all over the world at warp speed.

The rapid adoption of eCommerce and marketplaces has already created many winners and losers in Digital Banking and the difference between both groups is growing rapidly.

The financial pressures also mean that there is a big shift in funding for neobanks and fintechs to those with strong revenue plans and that are more adapted to the new world. In the talk we will discuss what we see as the likely successful fintech plays for the future.
Session - - 0.0 mins -
In order to adopt an innovative culture, companies need to know the Designer mindset. This hands-on workshop-based session would introduce you to Designing your life, a design thinking-based life designing method, that is used by millions around the world to help build their life and career. And see examples of how world class organizations have used this concept as a key to drive a culture of innovation.
Experience yourself in the RPA world with the hands-on workshop for both non-technical and technical users. It will help users to understand what RPA is and how it works. Through self-paced learning, attendees attempt a lab exercise that explores the capabilities of the UiPath platform and will successfully build a functioning robot. The session will have two segments covering an introduction to RPA and UiPath, and the lab exercise. Please bring your laptop for exercise and you will be impressed with your robot!.
Innovation design process is a powerful approach to new product development that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. It’s a human-centered design process that approaches problem-solving with understanding the user needs combined with finding business opportunities and foresee the possibilities of world movement. It encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation. When this process approaches are applied to business, the success rate for innovation has been seen to improve substantially.
This workshop will help you through step by step to create a breakthrough innovation and grooming innovation culture within your company.
This program is for teams and individuals who want to learn a proven, systematic approach to new product development. Anyone responsible for driving innovation, growth, and the customer experience should attend, including functional and cross-functional teams.

Roles of past participants include those from creative, design, customer experience, engineering, innovation, product, R&D, strategy, and UX, such as:
- Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Growth Manager, R&D Manager, and Product Head
- Senior Designer, UX Designer, Design Engineer, Creative Manager, UX Design Consultant, Art Director
- C-Suite executives including CEO, COO, Managing Director, Founder, President, Chief Strategy Officer
- Innovation and Growth Consultants
When the gap between the rich and poor keeps widening and when a basic need, such as owning a home, is out of reach for most people, this creates serious social and economic issues which are at the core of most social unrest and divisive situations currently seen around the world.  How do we improve the current investment environment and ensure that opportunities to build your wealth is not only limited to the (already) rich? We will discuss how Fractional Ownership can promote this financial inclusion and change centuries old beliefs.
The Data-Mindedness Workshop aims to provide those attending with a better understanding of how data can be used in order to solve problems and to promote the mindset needed in order to generate value out of data. The workshop will run through the basics of data-mindedness, provide examples of data-driven solutions and real use-cases, explore analytical techniques, and present participants with a challenge for them to solve using what they have learned during the session. All attendees are encouraged to come prepared with a goal or problem that they want to solve, as well as to ask questions during the workshop in order to maximise the effectiveness of the session and ensure that they have the best possible understanding of the topic.
Facebook, PayPal, Shopee, Airbnb, Grab, NocNoc - these seemingly disparate companies have disrupted entire industries by harnessing a single phenomenon: the platform business model. Multisided platforms function very differently from traditional businesses. They match and empower producers and consumers by using technology, and rather than creating value directly, orchestrate interactions between users. The success of platform companies has revealed the importance to design their core interactions carefully. Design is no longer a nice-to-have aspect, and should not be an after-thought. careful design considerations will determine whether the platform will be able to engage users, frequently enough, and whether it will scale.
During this session, the speaker will walk you through China e-Landscape Ecosystem & China to explore the key success factors of Chinese e-Commerce markets with an in-depth analysis from our experts. The session will  guide you about “Everything you need to know before having your trademarks registered in China.”
Do you want to expand your markets in China and explore your potential?  
This session will help you to better your understanding Chinese markets in every aspect before going online in China, learn about “Taobao & TMALL”, the biggest mobile-commerce in China which covers 70% of sale market share. The session will enhance your understanding of the mechanism of the Chinese e-markets to boost your sales on Chinese e-commerce platforms.
Innovation without strategy = Waste: Why do so many innovations fail to fly?

• Human First: The Secret to Innovation is Winning Strategy = Unlock 3 the black boxes 
   - Consumer Needs 
   - Our core competency 
   - Competitive landscape 
• Innovation Strategy workshop: Join us in the workshop to discover the “Low resource, High Impact” Innovation Strategy that truly drives the Business Impact!
Data project is not cheap but according to Gartner, 85% of Data Project fails. This session introduces Data Project Canvas to help teams sharpen perspective of project value to your organizations, determine the best version of project overview including possible outcomes and challenges. In this session, all participants get to complete a one pager Data Project Canvas and use them instantly. This session welcomes all functions but best for Business Leaders, Marketers and IT.
Regardless whether you're an investor or not, this session encourages open dialogue and  transparency in knowledge sharing. Let’s hear the insights on how to profit from a recession within the logistics technology industry by Shawn Goh, Singaporean raised New Yorker who now lives in Thailand as an innovation strategy consultant. His former experience consists of both the largest private freight forwarding company in the world K+N AND the largest logistics startup at 3.2B usd valuation Flexport. Now in BKK, he coaches tech innovation to major thai corporations and build elogistics startups globally.

How to profit from the logistics technology industry?

Supply Chain Innovation- The Digital Future of Logistics starts Now. (Part 1)

  1. Thailand Logistics technology in ASEAN’s future..
  2. Thailand’s Hidden Disadvantage: Trucking? Warehousing? Tech?
  3. Thailand’s Logistics future- Winning opportunities from US China tech trade wars
  4. Supply Chain Innovation- 

The Digital Future of Logistics starts Now. (Part 2)

  1. Systemic disruption: Investment opportunities in advanced technologies AI, IOT, Robotics
  2. Digital Transformation is now EASY- Global vs local trends in post Covid new normal.
  3. Drivers of Change: How to spot a high potential logistics tech startup and what are they doing well. 

In this session, Shawn and guest speakers 11 Lor, Pantruck, Ekarko and Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai will share the tech secrets  and how the market is providing so many easy opportunities.
You hear the words tokens, consortium, Ethereum, decentralized finance and see the news of larger blockchain funding rounds every week. What does it all mean, and what’s going on?

Join atato, Thailand’s first blockchain service provider, and learn more about business cases powered by blockchain, use-cases for this new technology, and references in Thailand and South East Asia.

Participate in our workshop showcasing the technology we make available to our clients and see how easy it is to get started.

This session welcomes all functions with an appetite for understanding blockchain, and evaluating the investments required to use it.
Facebook, PayPal, Shopee, Airbnb, Grab, NocNoc - these seemingly disparate companies have disrupted entire industries by harnessing a single phenomenon: the platform business model. Multisided platforms function very differently from traditional businesses. They match and empower producers and consumers by using technology, and rather than creating value directly, orchestrate interactions between users. The success of platform companies has revealed the importance to design their core interactions carefully. Design is no longer a nice-to-have aspect, and should not be an after-thought. careful design considerations will determine whether the platform will be able to engage users, frequently enough, and whether it will scale.

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In the troubled and uncertain time we live in, are you feeling the need to re-invent…

     … the way you are and you grow? 

     … the way you lead and inspire others?

     … the way forward for your business?

Are you sensing that you could become a compelling inspiration for positive disruption by freeing your artistic mind and partnering with it?

Join and enjoy this insight-rich, experiential and fun workshop that will help you shift from striving to thriving by
  • reconnecting and partnering with your artistic mind
  • enriching your forward-thinking with fresh creativity 
  • transcending your leadership with the additional power of your artistry
  • finding ideas to inspire and enable your people, and catalyze collective intelligence in novel ways
  • integrating Eastern and Western wisdom in the way you are as a business leader
  • defining the first steps of your way-forward as a business leader

To understand the evolution of the workplace design in the past century, how workplaces have changed at different points in history from past to present, and the driving forces behind the shaping and defining of concept and functionality of workplaces in each era. Audiences will see the big picture of the workplace revolution, how the types of workplace have been influenced by different styles of work at different points in time, how they can affect work efficiency and how these concepts and ideas can be applied to the current workplace design of their own.
This workshop will talk about important factors to consider when pitching to potential investors. It will go over body language, using emotion, knowing your value-proposition, to how you are a good investment when pitching. It will be a hands-on course making sure that all participants practice their verbal and non-verbal communication skills that are essential in any pitch. They will also know how to structure their pitch to touch all-important elements such as pain points, product solutions, etc.
Legal is an unarguably important factor for every business. Realistically, it's something we often deprioritize or overlook. In this workshop, we will discuss 7 most important legal topics that most founders & young entrepreneurs can relate to. After the workshop, you will be able to answer the following questions: (1) Do I really need to incorporate a company? (2) Does the co-founder agreement really matter? (3) Is the NDA an almighty solution or just make you feel better? (4) Why do I need to spend time working on an employment agreement for my best friends in a company? (5) How to pay less tax? (6) Does my company have an IP by default? (7) Can we really use e-Signature in court? This workshop is suitable for young entrepreneurs, founder-alike, startup founders.  You don’t need any legal fundamentals to attend this workshop.
In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the global economic market faced a down turn without innovation and many big companies could fail.

Pang will be sharing ideation processors that can help small and medium enterprises stay competitive, even in the current economic climax.

You will experience an action learning workshop, and please prepare your business idea that can be fine tuned and validated during the workshop.
If you don't build your culture, one will form on its own (and you might not like what you get).

Culture guides employee decisions on their technical needs and plans, and how employees interact with others. Good culture creates an internal coherence in actions taken by a very diverse group of employees.This two-hour workshop is an interactive and engaging experience to our 4C frameworks (Crack/Create/Catalyze/Cultivate) for designing a High-Performance Culture that is inspiring and productive. Khun Surat Photiprasat, CEO of Brightside People, will walk you through the proven tools, case studies and techniques that you can apply to your distinctive context. Come join and discover together What and Why of Culture, and 4Cs Framework.
Community is a type of organization that brings people together and makes them feel like they belong. But how can we design meaningful and impactful communities? During the workshop we will dive deeper into the underlying ideas of community and look at the following questions: What is a community and what isn't? What makes communities powerful? How can we design such communities? The workshops are designed for practitioners who want to build communities in their organization or personally.
For those wanting to start up a deep tech company. For those wanting to be the next Steve Jobs, and for those wanting to make impacts from research. How to set up a company and how to make impacts on society.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! It is not an easy, overnight task. But if you really insist, come join this talk to discourage yourself from the idea of doing a deep  tech startup. This talk will not encourage you to try because just good technology is not enough. You will hear about the realities that you will be facing. You will learn about IP landscape search and strategy in our short workshop, and then learn that all the efforts put into patents of the company may have been wasted as patents may not matter much compared to running a lean and robust startup with a disruptive business model. You will learn about the fund raising process and, at the same time, you could "do-go for the society."

For the first time, hear the torments of a startup veteran with two startups experience in the US, and now Meticuly Co. Ltd in Thailand. Meticuly is a scalable deep tech startup focusing on custom made implants that are anatomically drop-in solutions yet affordable. At the end of the talk, you may give up your dream on a deep tech startup or you may learn to better prepare for the long, tormenting and impactful road ahead.
As the operating business environment is changing dramatically during the pandemic, corporates are seeking for the best solutions for business performance and for best responsive to the situation in a shorter period of time. Business performance can't rely solely on some individual but rather a collective effort of team members. Corporate that can leverage individual contribution, can maximize team performance. 

As a renowned Tim Gallwey performance equation, P = p - i, Performance equals potential minus interferences.  Interference potentially derived from lack of communication, inadequate knowledge, low motivation, or even relationship within the organization.  If we can find the causes of interference, we can minimize or even get rid of them.  Staff are hired because they are well qualified, and they enter the corporate with high hopes to contribute or even make a difference.  The key is how to continue to raise the bar of contribution as high and as long as possible.  

In this workshop, Danaiya will share tools and techniques to find then reduce interference, and to leverage potential.  When individual contribution is influenced, team performance is maximized.
Have you heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and you are not sure where and how to start to learn about this new revolutionary technology? T There is a shortage of knowledge and a drought of wisdom out there.We are here to help to start your journey into this brave new world so you can take control and advantage for yourself to a path of financial freedom. You can look at our workshop as a gateway to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 
In this workshop you will learn the basics of wallet and how to secure them properly. This will also be a hands on paper wallet creation and walk through of using a wallet device. You also will understand the basic concept  of ""being your own Bank"" and paveway for your investment in Digital Asset.
Despite unparalleled economic decline in this pandemic, there are some companies that have won BIG, especially in the tech industry.

Pang will be sharing how especially time like this, small and medium enterprises can have an advantage over the big player to capitalize on such opportunity.

He will also guide and make sample strategies for growth to each of your businesses in this session.
A guideline for having work life balance and integration, in the way of looking back inside yourself, explore and understand your 3 A’s ; Abilities-Attitude-Appetite. At the same time, to integrate your Values & Beliefs, purpose into both working and personal life and find the balance and optimum point.
PDPA unavoidably affects how we use customer data & marketing technique. This workshop will not only cover all you need to know about PDPA fundamentals, but also how we can legally & faithfully reach out to the customers. We will discuss real PDPA use-cases related to marketing such as email marketing, lead generation campaign, retargeting, customer match, cookies policy, and Google Analytics. This workshop is for marketers, growth-hacker, business strategist & business developer.  You don’t need any legal fundamentals to attend this workshop.
Entrepreneurs find opportunities by getting a deep understanding of...
- people's goals in their lives, 
- the pains that keep people from reaching those goals, 
- and the actions that they try in order to alleviate some of those pains.
But how do we get this deep understanding of other people?
We need to figure out how to Get People to Talk.
The best entrepreneurs and innovators figure out how to engage people in deep, meaningful conversations that lead to insights about their lives and challenges.
This hands-on workshop will help entrepreneurs further develop their skills at getting people to talk, through role-play, interviewing practice, and a discussion of qualitative research methodologies.
21st century skill. Top-ranked new employee attribute. The cure for workplace troubles. The beginning of innovation (we’ll talk about this one later). Empathy seems to be the magical antidote to future-proof any organizations, but what is it really beyond the buzzword?

In this workshop, we’ll work with artifacts to tease apart the components of empathy that applies to new product development. What is empathy in the context of products and services (also known as user research)? How does one build empathy for present/future consumers? How do we make sense of what we see/hear in the lives of others? I’ll be sharing some personal examples of user research work and discuss key principles through interactive exercises.

This workshop is experiential and introductory; those with engineering and business background may find it useful for communicating product decisions with your teams, for aligning goals, and for advocating for your customers.
Winning in today’s digital world is about creating great experiences. The 1 and Accenture have collaborated to reimagine and transform the organization into a business of experience. With the distinctive journey of each customer, The 1 and Accenture are here to uplevel the experience with their personalization and digitization driven strategies.
In this discussion, we will find out the secret that The 1 and Accenture have been doing to digitize and personalize each customers’ experience, in-depth information related to building ecosystems, and their synergized collaboration as partners for each other.
Innovation is crucial to every business, large or small, more than ever. Being able to innovate quickly, effective and successfully is the key to surviving and thriving the new normal. A lot has been discussed that we are all convinced on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ innovation is so important. The real challenge is the ‘how’.

In this workshop, we will decode the ‘how to’ (and how not to) by understanding and practicing step-by-step approach to driving a successful innovation initiative in a variety of business contexts and circumstances together. You will walk away with best practices, frameworks and canvases, drawn from years of real-world cases and experience, and clear understanding on how to apply them properly and effectively to drive successful innovation in your business or organization.

Some of the key topics that we will cover in the workshop are:
- How to define your innovation strategy and roadmap
- How to invest in and focus on innovation using Innovation Portfolio
- How to define OKRs that maximize speed and potential of innovation using Zone-Based Concept
- How to prioritize and implement innovation initiatives using matrices
- How to create innovations that your customers want
- How to apply Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup to maximize the chance of success and minimize costs of your innovation projects
- How to and when to run innovation projects within or outside the existing businesses
- How to apply technology that makes your innovation more exponential using the Innovation Trinity Framework
- How to create and benefit from an ecosystem that best nursers innovations
- How to recruit, retain, create and motivate successful innovation team

Who should join the workshop?
- Business owners
- Corporate executives
- Corporate innovators
- Startups
- Anyone who wish to create real impacts for your customers and business using
- Anyone who has been struggling with driving innovation at your organization
Intrapreneurship is one of several strategies deployed by leading organizations to manage digital disruption.  As with other forms of corporate innovation (such as corporate venturing, venture building, digital transformation, and corporate startup engagement), effective intrapreneurship requires fundamental changes in process, culture, mindset, and KPIs from multiple stakeholders.  This workshop introduces lessons learned – including both the pitfalls and key success factors – acquired through personally architecting, iterating, advising, and mentoring dozens of corporate intrapreneurship programs across Thailand over the past 4 years.
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition