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Transform The Organization With User Experience Strategy No seats left

New era of Marketing 4.0 with Experience-Driven Thinking Process

About the workshop

This workshop is to coach you how to communicate with different background people with user experience mindset and strategy to make the right business decision for your organization in Marketing 4.0 and user-centric century. We will use the real use case to lead the attendees to go through the process.

About the organiser

UXTesting is the top user experience tech solution company based in Silicon Valley to help cross-border enterprises evaluate and optimize user experiences. Connecting digital products directly with real worldwide people and make data-driven decisions through insightful and objective data.

What to bring

Mac/PC, Pen, and your learning heart

What will you learn

You will learn what is User Experience Strategy, New experience thinking process to diagnosis your current organization, How to put user-centric mindset into your organization and how to communicate with different departments by UX strategy.