This workshop will address opportunities and challenges faced with EdTech market entry and scaling impact and business in ASEAN. Seats Available

Reframing EdTech in Southeast Asia – More than just K-12

About the workshop

This workshop will leverage small group discussion and facilitator knowledge to provide a deep-dive analysis of topics relevant to business success in the EdTech sector. Southeast Asia education innovation experts will share their professional experiences and lead group discussion on topics including: (1) developing successful business models for education related products and services, (2) identifying and addressing core issues in education through entrepreneurship, (3) scaling learning products and services across multiple markets beyond K-12. . Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the current strategies used in Asian markets to address core issues in education through innovation and technology as well as launch sustainable and meaningful education businesses.

What to bring

Ideal for those interested in education entrepreneurship and/or those already building/managing a social or for-profit enterprise ideally addressing issues in the education sector. The session will consist of small group active discussion facilitated by 2 session leads. Workgroups will focus on pre-determined topics with key points to be shared with all participants at the conclusion of the session. A rapporteur will summarize key findings to be shared with wider community via online channels afterwards.