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SpeakPro Power Pitching Skills No seats left

Know the essentials to creating a great pitch!

About the workshop

What all would-be or experienced entrepreneurs would agree is that when it comes to starting a business, the one most important factor is “money”. Money is what helps fund your ideas and helps kick-starts or moves your business to the next level. So how do startups get money? Most have to find and convince willing investors that their idea, product or service is the next big thing. This workshop will talk about important factors to consider when pitching to potential investors. It will go
over body language, using emotion, knowing your value-preposition, to how you are a good investment when pitching. It will be a hands-on course making sure that all students practice their verbal and nonverbal communication skills that are essential in any pitch. They will also know how to structure their pitch to touch all important elements such as pain points, product solution, etc.

About the organiser

SpeakPro Training Co., Ltd. specializes in corporate training, pitching & presentation coaching and English language development. We have served the development needs of startups, large multinational companies and individuals.

What to bring

Attendees are not required to bring anything, but having a pen and some paper might come in handy.

What will you learn

Attendees will learn the basics of making a great pitch and how to create an effective presence through verbal and nonverbal communication skills.