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Speak Persuasively, Write Powerfully No seats left

Learn to effectively persuade, convince, and engage.

About the workshop

I want to be honest with you I’ve studied Communication and Persuasion for over a decade, I’ve got my Masters in it, it’s taken me to live and work across 3 continents. I’ve learned about and used hundreds of different techniques, some extremely impactful and creative. I used to teach all of them, but then I always came back to this one technique that’s so powerful. It serves as the basis for all others.

Would you like to learn it? I’ll tell you, it all revolves around utilizing every aspect of persuasion and putting your audience at the center of it.

About the organiser

Established in 2005, Aristotle's Cafe specializes in communication coaching, leadership consulting, team building, and pitching. We have been trusted by startups, Universities, Corporations, and individuals looking to improve their abilities.