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Mini OKRs Blueprint  No seats left

experiment and learn how to formulate your OKRs successfully.

About the workshop

The workshop is all about Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as a management method to precisely break down business objectives and desired outcomes for teams and employees. In this one-hour training, you will draft your company’s and your own OKRs. You will also receive many practical tips on how to successfully implement OKRs in your company.

About the organiser

Pornthip Kongchun has spent more than 10 years practicing OKRs, first at Google during her tenure as the head of marketing and business development in Southeast Asia, and later at her own FinTech startup Jitta, where OKRs is the underlying growth machine. An OKRs catalyst, Pornthip advocates for the modern performance-based management practice in corporations, providing consulting services to numerous Thai startups as well as partnering with executives and HR professionals.

What to bring

Bring nothing but your enthusiasm. Some familiarity with the theory of OKRs prior to participating in the workshop is recommended. “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr, the master of OKRs, is a good start, though there are many books out there about the practice. We’ll not spend time discussing the definition of OKRs at the workshop but will dive into the application right away.

What will you learn

In an hour, you will receive many practical tips on how to successfully implement Objective and Key Results (OKRs) practice in your company. After the workshop, you should:
Understand the method and concrete strategies for implementing OKRs
Have some tools you can use to track OKRs in the company
Know what to consider when implementing OKRs and what obstacles can occur