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How human-centred design delivers business impact No seats left

Your Business Innovation is a Social Experiment

About the workshop

We will have a frank conversation about Business Innovation. We often get lost in the abstract world of technology, the jargon, the automation and the unlimited potential. Our workshop will focus on the human-side of tech, the ‘who’ and ‘why’, we often neglect. If your business vision is about changing and transforming people’s lives, the human-centred approach will get you there.

About the organiser

We are Okbtr, a new breed consultancy, of diverse and creative minds. We help companies make better decisions, through experimentation and reduce the cost of innovation. We are experts at distilling your challenges to purposeful and value-driven products and experiences. We offer strategic consulting, problem solving workshops and executive coaching.

What to bring

Your creative and analytical minds.

What will you learn

Why is human-centred design important?
How innovation is a social experiment?
What kind of ’Social Experiment’ your business is pursuing?
How to define your business challenge against people’s aspirations?
How to implement and evolve design-led methods?