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How Gamification Help Businesses Win the Heart of Customers and Employees No seats left

Get to know how to use the power of games for your business.

About the workshop

Game industry is the biggest entertainment industry, even bigger than the movie and music industry. This proves that people love the element of games: clear progress, instant feedback, and positive reward. If people can be engaged in real life activity as highly as they are in games, imagine how much more can we achieve in real life. Meet gamification, the implementation of game mechanics in non-game context. Gamification has already been implemented in many cases in the past 10 years, including in education, business and healthcare. In this session, Shieny will share her experience on helping businesses with gamification.

About the organiser

Agate is the largest Indonesian game company. Since 2009, the company has been growing by providing gamification solutions for B2B market and high quality games for B2C market. For the B2B market, the company is helping more than 100 companies to engage with their customers and employees better with its gamified advertising and gamified learning solution. For the B2C market, the company develops mobile games that are already played by more than 5 million users and makes people's interaction more meaningful. The company developed and released Valthirian Arc: Hero School Stories for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC that has been received quite well in Western Europe and North America.

What will you learn

Key Takeaways:

How gamification could help business to win the competition
How gamification already help brands to be outstanding for its audiences
How gamification already help companies to retain the employees