Electrified, Connected, IoT, Shared Mobility: what is the future of mobility in Thailand? No seats left

Explore the future of mobility

About the workshop

The growing issue of air and noise pollution as well as traffic congestion has put pressure on mobility in urban areas. In parallel, the quick deployment of new technologies like Electrification, Connectivity and IoT are opening the way to new business models like shared mobility. Whether it is cars, e-scooters or e-bikes, new services are opening almost everywhere and every day pushing for a greener mobility.
Electrification allows the quick development of more simple vehicles, digitalization and connectivity are the backbone of new shared mobility concepts. The vehicles are remotely accessible assets, always localized and constantly monitored. AI based algorithms can optimize routes taking into consideration battery charging status, scooter health and even now user preferences.

Our pannel of key stakeholders will discuss how can Thailand benefit from this new mobility solutions, what are the major obstacles and what could help to accelerate the development of shared e-mobility?