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Digital Nomadism, Remote Working, and Location-Independent Workers No seats left

Digital nomadism and location-independent working best practices

About the workshop

This workshop focuses on introducing attendees to the space of digital nomadism, remote working and location-independent workers. The workshop includes two parts. In the first part, an overview and history of digital nomadism and remote work will be presented. In the second part, we will discuss in an interactive format the current issues and best practices in location-independent work arrangements (i.e., issues from both the remote worker's or client/employer/requester's perspectives). The workshop is aimed at participants interested in, or already involved in, nomadic, remote and location-independent work arrangements as either worker or client.

About the organiser

The workshop is organised by A/Professor Daniel Schlagwein (University of Sydney) who leads the Australian Government's (ARC) and ASEAN supported research program "Digital Nomadism: How IT Enables New Forms of Working and Organizing".

What to bring

No particular materials required to attend.

What will you learn

Participants in the workshop will learn about digital nomadism and remote work as well as discuss issues and best practices in location-independent work arrangements.