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Designing a Great Startup Pitch Few seats left

Create an amazing startup pitch-grabs people's attention&hearts.

About the workshop

In this workshop session, we will discuss what makes a great startup pitch through examples and looking at these four elements: Content, Structure, Delivery, Design. While the focus will be on startup pitches for pitch contests, learnings can be extrapolated into other types of presentations as well.

About the organiser

Sushi Suzuki is an associate professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology and KYOTO Design Lab where he teaches and runs projects based around design thinking as well as organizing Kyoto Startup Summer School. He is also the pitch coach for Slush Tokyo and other startup organizations and have helped dozens of startups refine their pitches.

What to bring

Nothing except an open mind.

What will you learn

Some of the things that will be covered in this workshop:

- What should go into a successful startup pitch
- How to capture the audience’s attention and keep it
- How to deliver your message so it's engaging
- How to design your slides so it's understandable
- What makes a great presentation