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Demystifying the Power of Platforms No seats left

Design strategy to help you create and manage platforms

About the workshop

Much disruption is caused by the entry of platforms into existing industries, resulting in the traditional businesses in those industries going bankrupt or adopting elements from the platform business model to survive. For example, AirBnB disrupts hotels, Uber disrupts taxis, and Coursera disrupts universities. This workshop examines the dynamics of the platform business model, the forces behind its value creation, key design considerations, new rules of the game, and strategies to success in the world increasingly dominated by platforms. We will play some games that help illustrate the dynamics and design of effective platform as a business model.

About the organiser

Choedpong "O" Khannabha has come to be fascinated by the power of the platform business model since he worked on Kaidee.com, Thailand's largest online marketplace for buyers and sellers of second-hand items. O is an alumni of Stanford University, has worked at Microsoft in the U.S., and has created an online tourism platform in Phuket.
Tanawat “Per” has been involved in building and scaling platform businesses from Co-working to Car-sharing. He is a founder of swagon.co , a former Head of Product at HUBBA & Co-founder and former Chief Design Officer at haupcar.

What will you learn

You will learn about the rise of the platform business model, the sources of power that this business model draw from, the implications for you as creator and manager of a platform or non-platform business.