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Climate x Tech: How can we innovate for children? Few seats left

how can tech have a positive impact on climate change?

About the workshop

Technology has the potential to drive solutions for children. Already UNICEF is partnering with entrepreneurs around the world to scale up blockchain, VR, and real-time information to provide children with access to education, vaccines, and other services to help them thrive. But what about working with start-ups and tech companies to drive solutions that will reduce the impact of climate change? Whether we use tech to mitigate air pollution, find alternatives to plastics, or clean our water sources, the right solutions can have a huge impact on the lives of children in Southeast Asia. This workshop will introduce UNICEF's priorities when it comes to climate change and children and highlight what we look for in tech partners. We will discuss why this is topic is important, what partnerships might look like, and work with participants to identify potential areas of opportunity for greater collaboration between UNICEF and the tech community in Southeast Asia.

About the organiser

UNICEF East Asia & Pacific Regional Office works to protect the rights of millions of children throughout the region.UNICEF works with the United Nations and its agencies to make sure that children are on the global agenda and also strikes a balance between thorough research and practical solutions for children.

What to bring

Your brain and some great ideas of how tech can do good.