Can you imagine a single event that can bring you such the whole new experience?

In 2 days at Techsauce Global Summit, you will get to LEARN, NETWORK and EXPERIENCE in the way that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.
Why can’t you miss?

LEARN from our world-class tech conference:

Meet 200+ global speakers with 100+ topics across 8 stages

Key Highlights include:

  • First event in the region to dives deep into the best practices for keeping up with global trends and Southeast Asia’s tech scene
  • Conference Tracks:
    • Global Visionary
    • Asian-in-Action
    • Deep Dives
    • Fusions
  • All-day-long schedule of in-depth discussions on the trending vertical stages: Manufacturing, FinTech, UrbanTech, Startup Accelerate, Venture Capital.
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NETWORK with our good source of tech leaders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

  • The event will be attended by all the top enterprises from various industries such as Banking, Telco, Retails, Manufacturing, Real estate, Food and Agriculture as well as SMBs, startups, investors and tech enthusiasts
  • Good for international companies who want to enter to Southeast Asia’s market
  • Good for local companies who seek for an opportunity to scale out
Unique networking area
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EXPERIENCE the powerful tech showcases

Join other 6,000 delegates who are tech leaders, entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

  • Watch Asia’s hottest tech startup battle where winners from 6+ countries around Asia come to the final pitching competition
  • The event will let you experience cutting-edge technologies like biometrics, blockchain, machine learning, etc.
  • 200+ booth exhibitions
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FEEL our unique “sexy and dangerous” experience - Full of Fun!

Leave behind your expectations of the usual tech conferences.

Warm your heart with our arts and culture and touch deeply into your soul with thought provoking sessions and deep conversations.