Are you looking for the fastest way to develop your team, find business opportunity, or find tech solutions for your company?

Whether your focus is about cutting-edge technologies, new business models, digital transformation, corporate innovations and corporate venture capitals, Techsauce Global Summit is the right place for you!

FIND NEW OPPORTUNITY & NETWORK with our good source of tech leaders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs


  • The event will be attended by all the top enterprises from various industries such as Banking, Telco, Retails, Manufacturing, Real estate, Food and Agriculture as well as SMBs, startups, investors and tech enthusiasts
  • Good for international companies who want to enter to Southeast Asia’s market
  • Good for local companies who seek for an opportunity to scale out


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Learn about new business models, digital transformation, corporate innovations and corporate venture capitals

Techsauce Global Summit is packed with a lot of speakers specializing in these areas for corporates.

  • Hiroshi “Hiro” Saijou: Ceo & Managing Director - Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory
  • Kei Shimada: Global Director Of Innovation And Business Development - Dentsu Inc
  • Vitaly M. Golomb: Investments And Partnerships - Hp Tech Ventures
  • Philipp Kristian: Innovation Pioneer In Fintech, Insurtech And Digital Transformation

Find out about cutting-edge technologies

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, et cetera. How your business can leverage these technologies? Find out at our “New Era Tech Showcase”

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