The shifting mindset of a CTO managing $16k to $16m product budgets over 4 years


This talk focusses Ben’s rapid career progression from graduating university and freelancing as a web developer through to acquiring the position of founding member and CTO of a $33m-backed mental health startup where Ben oversaw a product budget of $16m within a shoot time period of ~4 years.

The purpose of this talk is to provide some ahead of the curve insights and methodologies into the journey CTOs, CXOs, and CPOs operating with a smaller than $16m budget are about experience in their career.

Ben delves into how he managed to stay maintain and optimise his career progression's velocity and momentum, whilst walking through the key learnings and advice picked up along the way. He also explores the mindset changes he went through over time, the tools and methodologies he established to support his roles, and how he evolved his leadership, amazement, and learning patterns to adapt to the ever increasingly complex roles throughout his career.