Preparing for the Autonomous Vehicle Era

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Energy/Clean/ Auto Tech        

Autonomous vehicle (AV), a.k.a. robotic car, self-driving car, or driverless car has the capability of sensing its environment and moving with little or no human input, the AV is set to revolutionize the way humans travel. The benefits are countless, ranging from reducing road accidents, emissions, drunk driving, and assisting elderlies and the disabled. However, there are also risks and issues that need to be addressed. Questions of how it will be regulated and how it will be liable for accidents or criminal actions still remain unanswered. The government sector continues its attempts to answer these questions through various forms of testing in regulatory sandboxes and use cases. There are dozens of cities around the globe already hosting AV trials, including Singapore's Land Transit Authority (LTA)’s sandbox, as well as Chiba and Semboku cities in Japan. Join in the discussion on making AVs a reality.