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LDA - Ladies of Digital Age

LDA - Ladies of Digital Age

About LDA - Ladies of Digital Age
Flourish Digital Company Limited is the company for the new women generation. We believe in making the creative content, have a standing point against the changing in the present world and influence of the social media which demand for attention without consideration. Nowadays, the social trend has forced people, especially youngsters, to experience only one side of success, such as in order to be famous for female, you have to show your body so you could reach more like, or process brand name items, to gain the social acceptance.

Faunglada Saranee Sanguanruang, the founder of Flourish Digital has the experiences in traditional mass communication for 6 years, such as television programs, news programs and radio programs. Faunglada had decided to establish the company in 2016 with the goal to create a team of quality online publisher. Producing the online media, creating ‘fun, easy to understand and educational’ content. Focusing on the story of innovations and the media, which could attach the group of new generation because we believe that the technology would lead us to something better and producing quality content would be a part of arming the society with knowledge to live in the digital world happily and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Nowadays, Flourish Digital Company Limited has been producing the contents to the public, we have one million followers on Facebook and 8 hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and other social media platforms such as Blog, Instagram and Twitter. 

In each content, the story would be told by ‘Faunglada’ the IT and new generation of a woman’s lifestyle influencer and the production team who has the experiences in producing the online content. For example, our contents that the public was interested and watched our contents over 1 million views such as Faunglada in China series (เฟื่องลดาพาเจาะจีน), 7-11 4.0 or Facebook Horizon. 

and to emphasize on what we believe, that everyone could improve and be the best version of themselves. Telling a good story should not come from just one particular person, thus LDA (La-Da) which is the abbreviation from the Ladies of Digital Age was born. 

LDA is our representative which would tell the Edutainment content which is fun, easy to understand and educational by our KOL such as Oil LDA, Title LDA, Turtle LDA and etc. 

We believe that this is the another step to create the community of people who share the same believe and willing to change the society as much as we could.


#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition