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David Rottblatt

Business Development Director - EmbraerXFrom BOSTON

David Rottblatt is the Business Development Director for EmbraerX, and focuses on early stage project growth and innovation architecture. David works with industry leaders and strategic partners to develop new solutions seeking to enable the urban air mobility industry to scale. One of the most recent projects David has led is a concept of operations for a new air traffic management paradigm focused on air taxis operating in low altitude urban airspace. Before joining EmbraerX, David held multiple market development roles at GE including international assignments in Brazil, South Africa, and Hungary. Both David’s current and previous roles require navigating ambiguous environments to provide clarity, a skillset he enjoys sharing in order to create value when the road to success is not self-evident. David holds a Master of International Business degree from Tufts University, a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Connecticut, and a Bachelors of Arts in International Affairs from the George Washington University. For fun, David is a multi-engine instrument rated pilot, an avid skydiver and scuba diver.