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Sranyoo Chanate

Vice President - Kluaynamthai HospitalFrom Bangkok Thailand

Mr. Sranyoo Chanate is the CEO of Kluarnamthai 1 Hospital, and Vice President of Kluaynamthai Hospital Group. He also serves as the Chairman of the Kluaynamthai Health Software Co. Ltd, and is a livcense holder of the Kluaynamthai Hospital Learning School.Apart from his professional interest, Mr. Chanate is also active in the community. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of various associations including the Thai Elderly Promotion & Healthcare Association, the Thai Medical Informatics Association, and the Thai Chamber of Commerce, where he also serves as the Chairman of the Wellness Committee. He also currently serves as the Vice Chapter chair for the YPO Gold Thailand, and is also a member of the YPO Gold International Event Committee.