Valentine Goddard

Founder, Executive Director, AI Impact Alliance - AI Impact Alliance (AIIA)From Montreal, Canada
Lawyer, artist and social impact strategist, Valentine Goddard is a recognized expert on the ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence (AI). She is a member of the United Nation’s Expert Group on the Role of Public Institutions on the Impact of New Technology. She founded the AI on a Social Mission Conference, an event designed to facilitate a cross sectoral and multidisciplinary dialogue on the ethical and social implications of AI as well as steer its use towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. The recommendations issued at the AI on a Social Mission Conference are shared globally. She is also the founder of Artificial Intelligence Impact Alliance (AIIA), an membership based NGO aimed at empowering civil society organizations with AI as well as driving policy towards an inclusive and responsible implementation of AI. AIIA is a member of 3 international organizations on the Governance of AI including a founding member of the International Observatory on the Ethical and Social Impact of AI. With these goals in mind, AIIA also produces of events on Art and AI.As a lawyer and certified mediator, she has practiced refugee, labour, social and administrative law in addition to lobbying for a better access to justice. She has taught comparative law in Japan as well as initiated and funded cultural mediation projects aimed at human rights education. In short, human dignity is at the heart of her multidisciplinary approach to nurturing the development of AI for Social Good.
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