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Yipin Ng

Co-Founder - Yunqi PartnersFrom China

Since entering venture capital industry in 2000, Mr. Yipin Ng has worked in the industry for 18 years. He is a shuttle traveler between China and the United States and is very familiar with start-up ecosystems in both countries. Mr. Yipin Ng has long focused on early and mid-term investment opportunities in the fields of mobile internet, IoT, robot, AI and Big Data. He has played a leading role in investment in Chinese and the U.S. startups, including ACC Technologies (02018), SINOSUN (300333), Meihua Biotech (600873), xFire, Heptagon, PingCAP and TigerGraph.Mr. Yipin Ng boasts rich experience in intelligent hardware entrepreneurship and supply chain management. Before founding Yunqi Partners, Mr. Yipin Ng had a long service at GGV Capital. From 2004 to 2008, he worked at GGV’s Silicon Valley Office to help develop the company’s intelligent hardware investment business in the United States. From 2008 to 2014, he worked at GGV’s Shanghai Office. In 2014, he and Mr. Michael Mao co-founded YUNQI PARTNERS.