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Charles Bodwell

Entrepreneurship and Business Development Specialist - ILOFrom Bangkok, Thailand

Charles Bodwell is the International Labour Organization’s regional advisor on enterprise development and entrepreneurship in East Asia and the Pacific. His work has centred on creating sustainable approaches for linking job creation and job quality, through support to large factories, business associations, national governments, and the informal economy. He has led development of various ILO training and business development approaches: Factory Improvement Programme; In Business SME training; Our.Coop cooperative support programme; Ready for Business R4B student business skills training; and the Women in STEM soft skills training programme. Before joining the ILO, he worked at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, where he was assistant to the Chief of Staff, as well as at Schlumberger, Agfa-Bayer and IBM. He has studied at Stanford and Cambridge, conducting doctoral research on geographically dispersed teamwork at Intel Corp, as well as at McGill, ESADE and Michigan State University.