To transform the entrepreneurial mindset among Indonesian youths

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Ziliun is a media startup part of - an online media portal under TEMPO Media that gives information around politics, government, business, and national to international issues - that aims to transform the entrepreneurial mindset among Indonesian youths through highlighting inspiring talent from Indonesia that create impactful solutions. In the ecosystem Ziliun also works very closely with Digitaraya powered by Google Developers Launchpad, and Simona, a Venture Accelerator that focuses on distributing opportunities to solve the gender gap across Asia Pacific. Ziliun has three main sections; Featured (Trend, phenomenon, event, issues), INSIGHT (a collection of intuitive understanding we all need to be aware of.), OPINION Non-neutral and highly subjective opinions, handpicked from a bunch of opinionated people. Ziliun also curates and distributes information around the tech and business industry.

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