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XTend Online

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XTend Online makes the world's fastest programmable miners, based on an IPU/TPU architecture that is 10x - 20x faster than GPUs on today's mining algorithms, and fully optimized to run the neural network training algorithms for tomorrow. Hyperminers from XTend Online are expected to completely take over the multi billion dollar programmable mining industry as soon as they are released, completely displacing GPUs the way GPUs displaced CPUs in 2010.

Looking to the future, consider how smartphones changed the mobile phone industry into something much more than phones, and created a world where "there is an app for that".

The Hyperminer is going to change the digital mining space into something much more than just securing a blockchain and create a world where "there is an AI for that."

How did Steve Jobs define the iPhone when it launched? 3 devices in 1. That is also the revolutionary nature of the Hyperminer. 2 years in development, XTend Online is now actively accepting PE investment. If you are looking for an early seed stage investment in a unicorn, stop by and talk with us.

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