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STelligence company limited

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STelligence is the very first pioneer of commercial data analytics solution in Thailand. The team initially focused on using data analytics platform to provide holistic and comprehensive IT infrastructure management. The market adoption was highly incredible, and our solution expands to cover multiple domains; including IT Monitoring, SIEM, Business Analytic, Business intelligence, Data visualization, Self-service Analytics, and Machine Learning and Data Science.

“Tableau” is one of the data analytics solution platforms that provide users to rapidly access and analyze the data as needed. It is created from varies professional team; Computer Graphic, Database and Human-Computer Interaction. The suitable constructive platform for business users and IT.
“Tableau” is able to bring the data to create a visualization and dashboard within a few clicks! Sharing the data faster with Tableau Server.

Recently, “Automation Anywhere” is led to RPA or Robotic Process Automation. That is designed to support the organization’s work process.
If you are looking for the data analysis technology to further the huge amount of data effectively within the business and lower the rate of mistaken. The employees are no longer deal with the repeated process.
Let’s “Automation Anywhere” be your assistance.

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