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A global air transportation network company

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We are a global air transportation network company. We propose executive services, network extension and air transfer. With PowerDrive AI Platform (PDP), every airline passenger will be able to connect and book the affordable price of over 15,000 private jet globally through different channel (airlines, OTA, TMC, TA and Metasearch) both mobile and web app. PDP will unleash them to unseen 7,000 different airport which are distributed and covered more destination than their travelled experiences, all over the world. They usually don’t have to wait in long queue of immigration and security process of airline passenger, then they can arrive just five to 15 minutes before their departure time and do not to wait their bag after deplaning. At the same time, PDP will help all airline reduce the untapped route, build new routes and last leg services in order to improve billion passenger satisfaction every year.

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