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Enable Fractional Ownership of Illiquid Assets

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Illiquid assets such as real estates, VC funds, art collections, or even esports team, are difficult for individuals to invest in.

Imagine if you want to invest in a property, but you only have $500 thousand. There’s no way to buy a fraction of it. For a real estate developer with this property that worth 10 million dollars, it is also difficult for them to just sell a portion of it without much friction.

Enter tokenization, a method to slice any assets into smaller pieces, by leveraging blockchain technology. Instead of having to buy the whole property, now investors can now invest to have fractional ownership.

Liquefy is a an end-to-end solution for asset owners to tokenize their assets. Whether you are real estate developers, funds, or esports managers, our solution allows you to sell portion of your assets to a new line of investors. Join us in the wave of tokenizing everything.

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