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Infofed Co.,Ltd operates both online and offline esports platform for esports community with an aim to build stronger esports community by using technology to enhance the efficiency of our community. In February, 2019, eArena was launched to operate as online esports management platform. It is generating and managing interactive contents which can create better engagement among audiences and help to compile users’ data for further research. Battle Series, a weekly online esports tournament, has over 300,000 active users and will be significantly increase throughout the year. Thailand Esports Arena, Thailand’s most significant and modern Esports community center aims to support all types of Esports activities located in the heart of Bangkok. The arena expands from offline arena to online arena to bring more new experiences for all participants. Thailand Esports Arena also provide the fully equipped studio which suitable for esports offline and online live streaming events. With high-speed internet 400/400 megabytes (maximization of 1,000 megabytes), LED High-definition displays, and other functional spaces, Thailand E-Sports Arena provides modernity and maximum benefits to users, resulting in having organized many competitions and events.

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