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Session Topic
The pandemic might have set us apart from the physical, hands-on workshop experience, but the learning curve will never be demolished, as we say “Knowledge is endless to learn”. Welcome to our Online Workshop section where you can learn and enjoy 10 sessions from industry-leading speakers all over the world. The theme ranges from Technology, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources to Data, Strategy, Business and Design.
Session Schedule
6:00 am
Retail was changing before and now, with the current situation, it needs to change again ...and quickly! In this session we will cover the following topics:

- How is technology changing the way we shop?
- What does the future of retail look like?
- How do we design and build for the future, today?

Grab a coffee, pen and pad as we work through how we can really deliver retail innovation!

6:00 am
In a post-COVID world, the static workplace will be a thing of the past. 

In this hands-on workshop, we'll go through how COVID-19 has shifted what we consider ""work"" to be, how digital trends are creating increased expectations, and how this, in combination with Asia's war for talent, drives the need to be much more innovative and employee-centric in creating workplace experiences.
6:00 am
Doing good while doing well has become the mantra of sustainable investing. While it is easy to measure whether an investment did well, assessing the good created remains a challenge. Taking research to practice, we provide practical insights that help you to assess the positive change that can be made by investing. Hint: there's good news for startups with impact.
For impact minded investors: join this session to know what you can do to really make a difference. Find out what really gives you real (impact) bang for your buck!
For startups: join this session to understand the mechanisms of sustainable finance & impact investing. Get a new insight that can help leverage your pitch deck.

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6:00 am
Drone utilization is increasing rapidly and the Commercial Unmanned Vehicle segment is expected to be worth over $5bn by 2021 with over 800,000 units shipped in the same year. 

However, there are some significant barriers to scaling commercial drone operations;

1. Understanding current capability and the paradigm shift in delivery
2. Demonstrating efficiency and ROI
3. Managing a large and diverse operational fleet

Our session will consider these topics and will provide some insight into developing a focused drone strategy to successfully implement drone operations.
6:00 am
There is a long held notion that healthcare's "Iron Triangle"; ACCESS, COST and QUALITY cannot all be simultaneously improved without compromise but this is not necessarily true anymore. With the application of today's digital tech capabilities powering the creation of digital new normal for healthcare delivery, continuous application of data analytics into every aspect of business processes and leveraging the power of AI methodologies - new forms of business partnerships and business models are already being executed is select geographies all over and bringing real-world benefits and outcomes to customers / patients alike.
6:00 am
Fingerprint for Success (F4S) a predictive people analytics and A.I coaching platform that empowers individuals, teams and companies to take their collaboration and productivity to the next level.
In this workshop, learn from Annie Luu, Director of Innovation and Head of Global Partnerships on:
- The key motivations that help startups and scale up expedite their business growth 
- How your own work-style impacts your role in the team and as a leader
- Case studies on companies and individuals on how they use F4S.
6:00 am
The presentation will introduce novel technologies and innovative services in the Smart Cities  sectors from the US, Europe, Israel, China that are ripe for development in Asean and Thailand.  The workshop will explore several key new consumer digital trends that have  accelerated with the Covid pandemic. These are giving rise, much earlier than anticipated, to ”Smart(er) Cities” services. These are new services that leveraging connected infrastructure and public data (smart meters, public sensors, smart phones metadata from carriers ),  enable new business models in the “as-as-services” category  ( energy storage-as-a -service, EV charging--as-a -service, on-demand warehousing etc..) and the driving force in the phenomenal growth  in China of the “intelligent asset services provider category  (IASP) which has transformed how China adopts, finances and scales new infrastructure  in new energy vehicles (EV), energy storage, property development .
The key takeaways for Corporate & Corporate venture capital teams: learn new business models and new service areas that can help you diversify and create new revenue streams in Smart Cities;
The key takeaways for Entrepreneurs : learn how to leverage asset-light models, external debt financing, to launch much needed new Smart cities services that digitally leapfrog existing, legacy infrastructure.
6:00 am
If you’re part of a B2B company and are trying to find better ways to market your business, consider this workshop to learn what and how of B2B marketing deep dive into B2B Tech Stack and marketing Automation.
6:00 am
This ethics workshop is designed to explore the many shades of grey faced by pioneering founders on a daily basis operating across the planet. In this workshop you will walk a mile in the shoes of founders through a cyberattack simulation on their autonomous vehicle company. 

In this workshop you will be faced with 3 key decisions to make 
1) related to data privacy and governance, 
2) related to product safety and reliability, and 
3) related to bribery and corruption.

You will take back to the office new creative and critical thinking approaches to mitigate your reputation risks and align with your ethics in a friction free economy.
6:00 am
Get to know software robot, RPA with UiPath, the fastest growing and leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI software worldwide. We will be sharing the guidance of the right process selection to automate, use cases and a brief demonstration to show you the power of RPA that may apply to your business. INET Managed Services is an authorized partner, providing the services to clients in Thailand and consulting how RPA can apply to business. Chat bot integration with Line, Whatsapp, Google Dialog Flow, etc. are open to make RPA more intelligent and serve the needs of your business and customers.

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#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition
#Techsauce Global Summit 2020: Special Edition